Residential & Commercial Alarms, CCTV and Access Control

Houston Security Company

Our company is focused on the Industrial, Corporate and Commercial Electronic Security needs.   However, many of our clients ask us to do their residence and weekend home needs.  Generally, this is the only time we venture into the “residential market”.

The reason is simple.  The national home security companies are willing to give away a complete system in order to own their customers for 3-4 years.    We do not operate in this market, however, we can provide monitoring of home security alarm systems at a rate competitive to the market.  $19.95 a month based on a 24 month agreement.   It does require you have a system we can easily monitor without the addition of a new panel or other equipment.

We also have self monitoring options for those of you with smart phones and are more interested in being able to remotely control your system and know whenever your system is activated.   The only requirement is Internet Access we can tap into and install our device.   Not all security alarm panels are compatible so please contact us for a complete listing.   You would also need to download an app to be able to control your system from your phone.