Residential & Commercial Alarms, CCTV and Access Control

Safe Core

Safe “Floors” or “Cores”

The technology and advancements made in Safe Room or Panic Room design is now leading to new and better concepts for residential and Industrial/Commercial applications.

Devices previously designed and developed for other uses can be used to secure area’s of the home, office or complex in the event of alarm or manual activation.

In many residences that have “safe” or “panic” rooms, these are primarily located in the Master bedroom area.  Now, we can physically protect wings, floors and or the entire structure from penetration beyond just secure and alarmed doors and windows.

The best designs, however, are not retro-fits.  They are integrating the systems into the design prior to construction so systems can be recessed and hidden from view.  Allowances in design to integrate these systems can be extensive to make their presence concealed and non-obtrusive to the eye.   In some cases, redesign is necessary to accommodate higher levels of security.